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Texas Wire and Smooth Fox Terrier Rescue is a chapter of American Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc., a national rescue organization comprised of individuals and small groups of unpaid volunteers all over the US and Canada. We are dedicated to the rescue of purebred Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers.

Although each group is independent, we work together in a network of caring people who love Fox Terriers and want to help these dogs. When you contact one of us, it’s like contacting all of us.

Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers arrive in Rescue due to owner death, divorce, moving, change in circumstances or simply because individuals and families do not research the breed prior to purchase. We also rescue Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers who have been abandoned and picked up by animal control, dropped off at shelters, and saved from puppy mills and backyard breeders. Our mission is to finding permanent and loving homes for every Wire and Smooth Fox Terrier.

Texas Fox Terrier Rescue created this website to highlight our special rescues and to provide education about the breed. We hope the information provided will help individuals and shelters to identify purebred Wires and Smooths.

"The Wire Fox Terrier is a small black and white disturbance which afflicts and delights many families.  The Wire Fox Terrier has straight legs, an active expressive face, a lean well-shaped head, talkative eyes and a nose which leads it from one misdemeanor to another.

Originally he had a liberal tail, but it has been revised and edited by man.  This was done because when a Fox Terrier’s tail was as active as his head, it took two people to watch him.

The Wire Fox Terrier is a house pet and is clean and dainty in his habits.  He lives on meat, milk, potatoes, mice, old shoes, curtains, books, hats and tablecloths.  In return for this diet, he guards his house with unrelenting ferocity.  No burglar can come near without dislodging an eruption of barks from this faithful terrier.  He also guards his house against all cats, dogs, taxicabs, late pedestrians, dead leaves and moonbeams which may chance to pass in the night.

The Wire Fox Terrier is vivacious, audacious, ingenious, merciful, hysterical, wheedlesome, companionable, affectionate, optimistic, fickle, restless and irrepressible.  He is, in fact, the Chorus Girl of the dog family.

He wants to be a part of anything and everything that’s happening and usually manages to shoulder his way in!"

- Anonymous

Please don't breed or buy when shelter animals die! 

According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately 2 dogs are euthanized every second simply because no one wants them.

More than 7 million pets are euthanized every year due to pet overpopulation. That's 135,000 per week or 20,000 pets euthanized every 24 hours, 365 days a year.

PLEASE spay/neuter your pets!

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